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Cassandra Brodie started CAMARBRE to share with the world her passion for unique style and belief of living a healthy life.  Her early days were spent in a small town called Uniontown, Alabama where her mother owned a fast paced fabric shop where she helped and learned how to sew and designed clothes. Her mother would assign her tasks of pinning and cutting patterns for special orders and custom garments.  She knew early that she love fashion and would one day start a fashion career. She quickly mastered sewing, creating her own designs and by the sixth grade she had started a small business of selling cabbage patch doll clothing to her classmates. 


Cassandra's started to make her own clothes and when she entered high school her style was one other girls wanted.  She joined the cheerleading squad and the other cheerleaders embraced her desire to change the uniforms to ones that they loved and made them stand out.


Just as she had outgrown dolls, Cassandra outgrew her small town and set her sights on Atlanta where she modeled and shared her love for eating organic and healthy, emulating passion for not only looking good on the outside but feeling good inside.  After years of modelling and designing Cassandra took on another challenge.  She went to college for Computer Science.  While going to college she also continued designing custom clothes for high end clients. She graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science and started her career as an engineer, but never forgot her roots in fashion. After getting married and having her third child, she decided to start working full time in the fashion business launching her first cosmetics products from her brand Camarbre. She plans on expanding her makeup line and adding ready to wear clothing for women.


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